JLK Studio


My album is now available, I am very excited about the release!  For the most part, it contains songs that I wrote over the last couple of years.  I recorded and mixed everything in my home studio along with the help of a few friends. 

I would like to thank Gene Dooley for playing Bass on most of the tracks, what a great job he did, thanks Gene!  I would also like to thank Andy Detra for playing Bass on "Prevail" along with Adam Braatz who played Keys and Organ on the same track as well as Jamie Gilley who helped with the melody, you guys rock!  The oldest track on the Album is "Killin" Time", it was recorded originally back in 1996 in my old studio.   I decided to salvage the song by updating it a bit.  I would like to thank Lonnie Goode for playing inspiring Keys on that track along with Paul Shaw for doing a great job redoing the Drums. 

I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do, they were all a lot of fun to create.   Each song has a special meaning and holds a special memory since all of them were written while I was out on the road touring.  Different cities inspire different things.  There is one cover tune on the album.  "Josie" is my tribute to one of my favorite bands, Steely Dan, what a great tune! 

You can go to my Sound Cloud page to listen to these songs by clicking here!